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pin.pngAfter watching the YouTube video couple of times, my brain circuitry responded graciously. Its effect fired up the musical inclination that is dying in my subconscious mind. Oh! yes, I found an inspiration. I found a perfect reason to pick up the guitar, start practicing and at the same time blogged what I had been learning each week. How convenient was that?

Every week since I first saw the video, I posted the finger positions I already mastered by using the Print Screen key  and then used GIMP’s (FREE Graphic Manipulation Program) paste as new command. I also did some editing to the images, like cropping, adding text, filters and saving file as GIF, PNG, JPEG and XCF GIMP’s own format and some other simple tasks just to familiarize myself with GIMP.

The learning experience is what I called “three birds in one stone or something similar “. –blogging, Gimping and practicing the guitar. It was almost perfect when suddenly, I felt something dreadful. I felt something that was not right. Darn you ethical- religious -self-righteous- God fearing-God loving- law abiding – tax paying- jail fearing- spammer hating- newbie- wannabe- frigging- SELF! Yes, you had forced me to make things right. So I visited the website and wrote asking their permission.


Hope to hear from you guys!

Updated: 1/09

Silence means either or…


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  1. ultimoAdios says:

    hour 12 or so: I checked my gmail and no response yet. I will try again tomorrow.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    still waiting…for an answer.

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