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doc.gifFontwork in OpenOffice is called WordArt in Microsoft Word.If you know how to use WordArt in MS Word, there is no reason you cannot figure out how to use Fontwork in Writer. This is how [read this entry…]

What is Writer?
It is a word processing application bundled in the suite which is free for download at


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2 Responses

  1. orlando says:

    i need help, i put my fontwork to background and i can not edit or put on foreground anymore. do you know how to fix this?

    thank you,

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    hi orlando,

    fontwork as far as i have understood is used for like creating a title for example a newsletter’s title or for fancy fonts in a document which is impossible if you used regular font style. I never used it for background. However, if you insist on using fontwork then you might want to convert it to GIF or PNG or JPG so you can type on it.

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