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NY 5th Graders Goodluck!

I just remember that the 5th graders Elementary New York State Social Studies test was yesterday(Nov.14) and today(15) –for school year 2007-2008.

The purpose of the Social Studies Assessment test is,

“To assess student progress toward State and City standards in Social Studies”

I know that must be a little hard. I’ve read one of the books. Hey, those are heavy reading and good for your brains.

What I don’t like on that Social Studies book was the print in every frigging page!

Waaz up with the notice — in a Public School? How dare you? But hey, if the law is law what can I do? Even if I wanted to violate I couldn’t. The fifth graders themselves who read the notice (your notice) would remind me that I couldn’t do it because it is against the law.

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  1. ultimoAdios says:

    Washing hands: The image above is not photocopied from the book. I created the image using GIMP!

    The only violation I might face is using a free image editing software and if you book company has trademarked-patented-copyrighted-owned-proprietary-controlled- the following words—> Notice: Photocopying any part of this book is forbidden by law.

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