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2007 Best Open Source PHP CMS Award

[Joomla! 2007 Best CMS]


The Community! and its active participation for the development, deployment, testing, documentation, marketing and support were the reasons of winning this award. My opinion is based on the blockquote below.

…the judges noted a number of factors that helped Joomla! secure the Award. Most notably its good front-end for administrators and end-users, which gives users a simple and traditional company website straight out of the box

Credit goes to? Our developers who made Joomla! out of the box instant website.

Another reason for winning the award according to the judges,

…the judges commented on the size and responsiveness of the community as a massive strength, noting that it can identify potential problems and deal with them quickly.

Keyword Win: Size, responsiveness, community, massive, strength, identify, problem, quickly. That is why…

Joomla! Community– The Overall Winner!


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