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Cable Modem: Service Interrupted

That was Saturday night (October 27, 2007) . What did I do? Work on the Joomla! Local Installation. No Internet? No problem!
Sunday morning came, the message was the same, “Service interruption in the following areas…” but my area was no longer in the list. I should be ok right? The lights were still off.

I was not OK! I was getting annoyed.

Course of Action!

The artist in me kicked in! I pressed logo +R – typed mspaint – and drew the one below.

Cable Modem 2 lights on

Call the support! We followed the “unplugged and then plugged” routine. No luck!

Final Solution: “I’ll send you our tech!”

So I changed my drawing to the one below. Final Answer!


Lesson: Your cable modem is new. You should read the manual and never rely to the old ways where pushing the on/off button was a waste.

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