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Multi-Page Content Items: The Question

The question on How to create Multi-Page Content Items is based on what I found at the Joomla! Forum, under Administration 1.0.x, in this thread titled, “How to create multi-page items” by badboy, which AdamChambers posted a similar and a much clearer question saying, I had the same problem, How do you rename the titles in the table?

e.g. Article Index
Fixtures (Junior Sides)
Page 2
Page 3

Made me think of this answer.

{mospagebreak title=Fixture(Senior Sides)}
Fixture (Senior Sides)
In page one you already know what Fixture (Junior Sides) is all about. Here in page 2, another fixture… blah! blah!

{mospagebreak title=Fixture(Senior Sides)}
Fixture (Most Senior Sides)
In page two you already know what Fixture (Senior Sides) is all about. Here in page 3, another fixture… blah! blah!

which I would directly type within the content item.

The result should be the one below:

Article Index
Fixtures (Junior Sides)
Fixtures (Senior Sides)
Fixtures (Most Senior Sides)

However, I also found RobInk suggestion quite interesting. I might try it out too.

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7 Responses

  1. ultimoAdios says:

    No, I change my mind. I am not trying RobInk’s suggestion. I better stick to what I know that works for me all the time.

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Going back to RobInk’s post, I think what he is trying to do is to let the readers see the codes inside the mambots. He is not suggesting anything but educating the readers that there is a connection between the code and the {mosimage title=Type your meaningful title here} . I hope this would correct my perception from the previous comment.

    My thoughts, opinions and viewpoints will change as I learn more and develop my understanding of the things I am blogging about. I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. Therefore, I reserve the right to allow my viewpoints to evolve and to change my thoughts, viewpoints and opinions over time without assigning any reason for such changes.

    Copied with permission from here:

  3. André says:

    i created the multi page article and i want to link to one menu. if you cllik on the menu (main menu) item to reach the article, you have the all article display on the page, not the multi page. But if i want to reach the article from another menu, like the most readed articles etc…, i have the mutli page article. How can i make it to be display allways as a multipage article from anymenu?

  4. ultimoAdios says:

    hi André thanks for passingby.

    this reply is late and by now you might have solved the problem but all I can say is that your situation is bizarre because once {mospagebreak} is used, it should create multi page and should always display as a multipage article from any menu. it should work as it is intended to work.

    Are you using Joomla 1.0.13? If so, am sorry because I could never recreate your problem.

  5. Summy says:

    Thanks this did the trick for me.

  6. ultimoAdios says:

    Hi Summy,

    Glad you find this blog helpful.

  7. Cleryreell says:

    hi admin and people. nice blog indeed. informative! 😉

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