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Best CMS Vote Ends Today!

As a voter for the best 2007 CMS ever, my vote should be a secret. Then, why am I telling anybody who I voted for? (voted for Joomla!). I don’t know and who cares.

In 2006, [PACKT] a publishing company awarded Joomla! and two other CMSes the CMS award.

We the users of CMSes around the world would nominate a CMS.

Pick one at . The list is long. Meaning? Joomla! is not alone.

Luckily? Joomla! was nominated and was voted and finally awarded.

Once again for some reasons, [PACKT] did it again this year (2007) and as of today, the last day — my vote has been added.

Joomla! all the way. Now that is a proud Joomla! user.joomla-468x60.gif


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4 Responses

  1. amyStephen says:

    Congratulations to you on Joomla! being name best PHP Open Source CMS. Thanks for all you do for our community and for your positive nature. It is so very appreciated!

  2. ultimoAdios says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comment. (as always:) The comment is very much for me and very much applicable to you and to the Joomla! Community.

  3. sabqat9 says:

    Informative post – I am a novice website administrator – I own a very basic website (but at least I know it and maintain it). Anyway, the info on Joomla is really interesting – I didn’t know that CMS outsource software was available and even if I did – I would most probably would have spent a lot of time searching for a decent one. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

    UltimoAdios says:
    Thank you for your review.
    You are welcome!
    See you around.
    Just updated this page as I recaptured the past.

  4. ultimoAdios says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comment sabqat9! –appreciated

    Edited my last comment because I realized it was not intended for you. It was intended to the Joomla! user. My apology for the mixed up.

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