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Joomla! Super Admin Access Denied!

The call came in at around 11:00 PM EST. The person on the other line complained that the superadmin account can’t login using the correct username and password.


How could that be?”

Username: Sure name!!

Password: Rememberedpasword!

  • Five attempts

What to do? The message is mocking you saying “Call your Joomla! Administrator if the problem persists.” “Reset the password!” Whom, I going to call?

Prior to the problem:

1. Upgraded to Joomla! 1.0.13 — as per advised by yours truly.

2. Activated one of the components.– as per recommendation by yours truly.

My fingerprints are all over this website since the beginning. No choice but to extend some help.


1. Point to a very similar problem at the Joomla! Forum.
You can go to…,223988.0.html

2. Direct link to the solution,com_easyfaq/task,view/id,48/Itemid,268/

3. Market myself:
This is what I would do or something like this…

1. Login to your Hosting CPanel
2. click PhpMyAdmin
3. Select Database Name (dbsomething)
4. Click jos_users
5. At the jos_users table, click browse
6. Run the hasher thingy
7.  Edit the  account

a. Copy and paste the hashed Password to the proper place.

7. Click Go (for saving the change…)
8. Access your Joomla! admin cpanel

a. Login

That would do the trick.

No Doubt:
I did it million of times.
Followed every thread.
Heard same problem thousand of times.

Tired of it!
This advise is free. However, if you wanted me to do it for you then here is what I charge for the service. Thank you and goodluck!


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4 Responses

  1. ultimoAdios says:

    I disagree with the choice of words such as “money making scheme”, because they don’t sound nice. But to make things clear, the transaction ended up with just cup of coffee and a donut. The easiest way of doing business especially with friends.

  2. drupalian says:

    paid service, free software? that is open-source!

  3. ultimoAdios says:

    Guys? I like the sound of this one. from interesting Joomla! User’s Perspective

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