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Big Deal, No Way!

There, I said it — no more, no less. Some people (pointing to myself) might react and express differently how they really, truly feel… few minutes after that great moment (if you experienced one).

Some great moments were kept and some are just there not for the keeping but for the world to see. Some moments are now posted in the gazillion websites, zizillion blogs, and don’t forget the one and only YouTube. The popular one?…since? as far as I was concerned back then.

Yes, I have known YouTube not until the day it was announced the billions of dollars purchased. Hey, who could not notice, if it was the headline for almost a week? Even with the headline, I reacted the typical… who? YouTube? Who is that? Then I typed the URL and the world just look differently.

How does the hype last? How long the OJ story with different versions in different channels night after night or what about the Britney’s story? You know what I said? Enough! because if those stories lasts for couple of days then me too should make my story last until I have nothing to say.

Here is what I would say, to be spotted, and in a radar of this blogger is something. Yap! a big Deal — in a great way! (majestic clap from the audience) sound effect: Coliseum. Ends with a lightning effect.

That is my story as of this moment.

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