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The Joomla GPL Strict Implementation

The few words I hang on using a software licensed under General Public License is “..I have the freedom to use it, to share and to distribute it.” I also use the same pitch especially when evangelizing the use of Open Source Software. This is true when I introduce Joomla! But lately, the meaning of what is used to be simple became a little bit cumbersome. Well, not me in particular as an end user, but to the developers who are required to be compliant to the whole GPL nuances. There is an ongoing discussion here at the Joomla! Forum that I have been following now for days. Check This Thread! –> a little bit too much for me to digest but as I went along, I’ve realized that there are subtle elements in the discussions that I never thought has existed. What it is? It depends on individual interest.

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2 Responses

  1. Penlope J. says:

    I am glad that Joomla! has decided to make those money making developers GPL compliant. Why not? Because Open Source does Matter! Time for them to rethink their business strategies.

  2. john-john says:

    It is about time!

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