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Joomla Templating: The Beginning

After my Joomla! was manually installed in a web server, the first thing I learned was to change the look and feel of the default template images starting at the header, followed by the menus, and backgrounds.

When I became familiar on how to change the images, I started tinkering on the CSS which gave me the hands-on experience to work between design and content.

After the trick had been mastered, the next thing I did was to follow some tutorials on how to create my own templates.

Most of the tutorials I encountered at that time was focused on tables. The <div> was still unknown to me, that was the end of 2005.

When I began to master how to create my own template using tables, the new call to trash table based design was becoming louder.

Thrash table designs!

I could not ignore  the noise so I said,  XHTML is in!

Validating the site is a must.

Tableless design is considered the coolest of them all!

Now I have to go with the flow…

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