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SVN Tell Tale: Second Encounter

The other day, while I was browsing around the Joomla! Forum as I always do, one thread caught my attention. The title of the thread was

How to reinstall Joomla! 1.5 without losing your work?”

The complete link is :

In that thread, SVN was mentioned once again. I joined in. Big mistake! It was my first bitter taste of my own demise.

Guess what? clicking the provided links and hoping that the login dialog box would work and bring me to the “The Joomla! source code repository” just like that didn’tidiotic_login_ack.png happen. No sir! it won’t work that way! Had I paid much attention when I first encountered SVN, I should not had clicked the provided link and worse had complained by saying,

“Had this error when tried to login:
Error loading stylesheet: network error occured loading an XSLT stylesheet:

At this moment, somebody at the forum advised me to read the resources at: I did not just go to the but I have to revisit again the developer’s page and took note of this which I quote:

“When we get confused about Subversion we use this great Subversion book that’s available for free online. Here are some quick tips for checking out and working with the Joomla! repository.”

Well, that was my second encounter. Hope it won’t happen to you. Let me be the last victim of not reading and understanding what SVN is all about.

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